Gags The Clown


Comedy / Horror

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Evan Gamble as Jake Gruber
Lauren Ashley Carter as Heather Duprey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lewisburrows-67408 2 / 10

Don't believe the lies.

This movie is not a 7/10 it's a cheap trash cash grab. Horrible acting, horrible writing, executated horribly. Just wait for Wrinkles The Clown.

Reviewed by TwistedContent 5 / 10

An Entertaining but Confused F-Footage Horror with Hit & Miss Social Commentary

It's been a while since I saw a new found-footage/mockumentary horror flick, so "Gags the clown" was welcome on the screen this evening & I really did enjoy it, however, it's not a very good one.

A pretty fast moving found footage horror comedy (with nearly zero actual comedy) taking course over one night, put together from live news, police cameras, teens and their smartphones, cctv's, a podcast team etc. - I liked this approach, the many cameras, characters, locations really helped with the pacing and visual diversity. So the whole city is either looking for or hiding from Gags the clown. The characters involved are very simple and one-dimensional, with a concerning amount of a-hole roles. As it happens in a lot of horror movies, some characters and their actions don't always make sense. The acting is as good as the script allows. The story is pretty straight forward, trying to build up the climax, the mystery behind the clown, only to reveal what it had revealed already before - it's all a social commentary, a satire on today's media, society and other related things. Not that it's bad, it's just that somewhere "Gags the clown" falls a bit flat, not hitting the nail on the head. The scares and most of the potential for creepiness is abruptly stopped with digital glitches and the gore is weak. There were a few little, cool elements I liked, for example, the balloon shtick (You'll have to watch it if You want to know). Visually, judging by the found-footage genre standarts, it's quite alright, could've been better if the budget allowed more than a "let's cut it with a glitch".

I think "Gags the clown" has a great idea somewhere in it, but is confused within itself. The fast pacing & many faces and locations provide a level of entertainment, and if you like or, even better, are scared of clowns, you might enjoy this. My rating: 5/10.

Reviewed by joskia 10 / 10

Good movie!

Just got back home from its premier. Not going to lie I went to it with little hopes it would be any good. Well they proved me wrong, it was good. Normally I am not a fan of the way they did there camera views "not sure what it's called" but it was put together really well and was different in a good way. Way funnier than I thought a horror film could be as well. So for my score it's going to be a bit higher just because I am from Green Bay and want to see these guys do well! It's a solid 6.5 though!

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